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Self-Sufficiency - 21 Days Program

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No feel-good “self-improvement” guide, no BS, just a proven, easy-to-follow system to achieve total independence.

Develop TOTAL CONTROL over your brain with this PROVEN 21 Days Program 

And Let Me Know How Quickly Your Life Turned Around With Only 5 Tasks a Day.

If you are acting needy, with a lack of confidence...

A lack of social skills, of discipline... 

If you are facing rejection on a daily basis... it’s NOT your fault - you were brainwashed.

If you take a walk in the self-help section of a library, and pick up some of the books you will soon notice a very common theme amongst them - they are all preaching you need to learn yourself more- “You are depressed because you don’t know yourself enough”.

This is where the first cycle of hell begins.

The real reason why you are facing rejection and you are not an unstoppable, extremely self-confident person is a lack of self-awareness and discipline.

This program was designed to give you the most actionable and straightforward process to develop an unmatchable self-confidence and complete self-sufficiency in life.

It's a 21-day program that aims to rewire you into the person you want to become - a DIY process, but you can always reach out to me for guidance.

IF you commit to following this program, you will achieve PEAK confidence and self-sufficiency in 21 days.

You get 21 instruction files (in both audio and pdf), Templates for journaling and a database of affirmations to use. 

You can see what others who bought and tested the Program have to say:

You don’t need to be obsessed with discipline to go through the entire program. 

You just need to commit to the daily tasks.

This mentality that hinders your ability to finally do what you want with your life comes from reading ‘hyped’ self-help books that you think helps you.

But in reality, it just gives you a kick of dopamine and motivation leaving you emptier than you were before.

You, the one reading this, have a chance to cut through that ‘self-improvement’ noise and bullshit and actually learn the real ways of developing confidence.

I know it because I rebuilt my self-confidence from the ground up, and I managed to help over 300+ people do the same with this product.

I'm an ex-drug addict who lost then rebuilt my self-confidence from scratch. 

I have been giving specific advice on Twitter and Telegram on how to enhance one's self-confidence and get rid of fears for almost a year, amassing over 35k followers.

My confidence comes from seeing how easily my clients achieve self-sufficiency and get real tangible results:

If you wish to have similar results, click the “I want this!” button and start the program now, because the price goes up every month, so this is the second-best moment to start the 21 Days Program.

The best moment was when you first opened this page.

The alternative is going to CBT which costs $200 per session.


1. How does it work?

The program is composed of 22 PDFs and as many audio files containing daily instructions plus useful templates for journaling and organization.

For every one of 21 days, you have a separate PDF with instructions. This guarantees the best results & creates in you (unlike in most programs) a lasting change.

2. Can I stop in between?

You can do whatever you want. Just know that it's 21 days for a reason - that's how much time takes humans to develop a new habit.

3. How does it work?

  • It's customizable - so you can make it fit your specific struggles, character traits and aspirations.
  • It's divided into 3 stages (1 week each) - so you get to the bottom of your problems instead of just scraping the surface.
  • It's giving you what no other program does - a state of complete self-sufficiency, understanding of your psyche and full emotional control.

But that's not all - You will also get:


Direct access to me for guidance and support throughout the whole program


My personal Affirmation Database from which you will be able to build your own


Emotional Factory (printable + template) that will help you review & improve your emotional reactions

This program is meant to make you fully emotionally independent and help you

embrace a self-sufficient approach to life - one that you always strived for but

never believed is possible.

4. What do I have to lose?

WARNING: This program is not for everyone - if you can’t commit to something longer than the average attention span of a lab rat (8 sec btw), then this is NOT for you.

But if you have at least a little willpower in you, and you can commit to doing up to 5 easy tasks daily for 3 weeks, then what are you waiting for?

Click the “I want this!” button and start the 3 weeks program TODAY.

Money-Back Guarantee

Also, because I am so confident in my product, I offer you a Money-Back Guarantee (since I released the program, no one asked for this btw)

If you are ready to bend the world to your will and your unmatchable confidence, hit that button and transcend.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

25 Audio files + PDFs scripts, including instructions, affirmations and templates

22 PDF + Audio
1 PDF + Audio
Affirmations Database
2 PDFs
Emotional Factory (printable + template)


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Self-Sufficiency - 21 Days Program

59 ratings