How to Achieve Self-Sufficiency

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How to Achieve Self-Sufficiency

E-go Driven
64 ratings

Real Results. NOT a self-help book full of fluff - only STRAIGHT TO THE POINT explanations you can apply TODAY

Build Formidable Self-Confidence And Become ENTIRELY Emotionally Detached

Without Being A Complete Asshole
Learn the secret mechanism embedded in your very mind to unchain yourself from the need for approval - even without giving up your social circle.
“We cannot deal with what we do not know. 
Teach yourself about yourself. 
Time to get started.” - Book of Self-Sufficiency
If you find yourself with low self-esteem, without a direction in life, depending on others and searching for approval before doing something… then this is specifically created for you.
I was exactly like you…
In my drug addiction past, I had no purpose, clinging to other people and their opinions (not to mention my self-esteem was non-existent) with a constant feeling of anxiety and loneliness...
I couldn’t escape that hell without shifting my mind - changing how my thoughts materialized.
You will find out you don’t have to lose time, mental energy or go through the hell I’ve been through to finally find the true way to live life and thrive.  In fact, you will soon discover how I managed to unchain from my past drug addiction and build my self-esteem and independence from the ground up. 

Independence doesn't have to be as difficult or expensive as it seems. 

When you read a common “self-help” book, you might think that your problem is because you are looking for approval, or because you have some trauma from the past.
But what these “self-help” books won’t tell you is the real reason behind all of this.
Let me make it clear, the above statements are only the facade.
The real reason you feel like shit every day and you are not independent is because of your habits, mental models (you mimic and don’t even know about) and lack of achievements.
Within this book, I go straight to the meat with unfiltered explanations of concepts on how you are about (not will - I am THAT sure with this book) to become emotionally detached and internally independent.
You will no longer need to:
Try and figure it on your own, wasting not only your money but your most precious resource - your time
Drift aimlessly through life, going through your day like a robotic zombie, setting goals without achieving ANY of them
Fear rejection, social anxiety or being alone - I will show you the difference between loneliness and alone.
Have a constant need for validation - I will reshape your brain into “searching” ONLY for YOUR approval
But you will soon discover:
EgoDriv’s “Me Time” Technique - The central piece of your transformation
Visualization Technique self-help books don’t talk about - Take from your subconscious mind to your total consciousness and awareness.
Powerful Habits and Practices to systematically attack all your insecurities - Not only a general outline but a detailed way to tackle each of them.
How To Craft Your Own Thoughts Through a Very Special Mental Model - In a more sophisticated language: The First Principles Thinking explained and how to apply it.
What actually is the state of Self-Sufficiency and how you can achieve it without losing your social circle or going through the pain of figuring it out all by yourself. 
Correcting Common Misconceptions that poison your mind and block you from achieving Self-Mastery
How you can still meet people regularly - even if you are an introvert
How to DEAL with your emotions - You will learn the only true way you can CONTROL your emotions (Spoiler Alert: it is NOT about denying them. That only makes it worse)

You can see for yourself what others who have applied techniques, mental models and principles from the book have to say:



"This is an atomic bomb”









The reason over 300+ people have achieved self-reliance with this book is…

After reading this raw piece of information, you will instantly see what other “self-help” books actually are- FULL OF B*LLSHIT.

It will not only teach you what to do but also what to NOT do (and actually AVOID).

Self-Sufficiency will open your eyes to many truths that you have been ignoring.

Things that have been setting you back.

It's time you said goodbye to your neediness and your comfort zone.

And you might want to do it now because this book will be taken off soon.

I planned to help around 400 people with this book, and 300+ have already become self-sufficient.

So you can take advantage of this and achieve similar results (or better) TODAY,

Or you can delay this decision and wake up one day you can’t buy this book and achieve self-mastery anymore.

The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I trust you? 

I'm an ex-drug addict who fucked up many times until I got it right and I've helped over 300+ people get over social anxiety and emotional dependency.

My confidence in my advice comes from the success stories people following my advice tell.

  1. How Does it Work?

I wanted to keep it simple. 

So all the information in the book is straight to the point explanations and easy to follow instructions you can start applying even from today.

  1. How can I get started?

Click the “I Want This Button!”, then after you received the book give it a “quick read” and let it dwell into your mind for 1-2 days.

ONLY after that go again through the book, but this time take DETAILED notes.

  1. What Do I have to Lose?

Heed my caution before you get your Book of Self-sufficiency.

Because of the brutal nature of the truths inside the book…

And because everything you learn (even tho simple) require you to PUT IN THE WORK,

This book is NOT for everyone.

It is for the people who want to finally become emotionally detached and STOP being needy or dependent on others.

If this is you…

Click the “I Want This!” button and start attaining self-sufficiency TODAY.

I want this!

A detailed strategy to become self-sufficient


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